Vacuuming – technology that changes lives

Thinking about that, one might understand how different our lives will look without simple techniques such as vacuum technology. Almost every item we purchase is wrapped up in vacuum, and therefore the need to have the right vacuum technology in the factory is crucial. Mark Technologies LTD develops and creates vacuum technologies for factories all over the world.

How can you use vacuum technology?

Even the most straightforward product in the world, one that you can find inside your glove box, would probably be wrapped up in a plastic bag. Most likely, this item will also go into a vacuum machine to maintain its formation and freshness. Therefore, the frequent use of the industry in vacuum technology is only increasing throughout the years. Grocery to toys and games, almost every item you can think of will find its way to the customer, wrapped in vacuum plastic packaging.

 Improvements in recent vacuum technologies

In the last few years, even though vacuuming technology has saved the industry so well, there were some changes in the fundamental basics of this wrapping technique. Instead of using simple plastic bags, today, you can find an increase in the use of parylene in factories around the world. Since it is considered as a much more durable plastic, factories prefer using parylene – as it wraps more items than we can think.  

Creating a safe work environment for everyone

Parylene coating technologies are, in a way, also very comfortable to the factory itself. Because you can create a safe and much more effective work environment. The creation of vacuum packing, at high speed, during day and night, without risking the employees, is the most significant benefit in the eyes of every work manager in the industry. Thus, the creation of new technologies in the rapping industry has led to Improvement all over the world.

Mark Technologies LTD is a company that specializes in vacuum technologies. The company assists brands and industries all over the world to find appropriate vacuum plastic packaging for their goods. For more information, please contact the company on +972-3-5346822

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